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Why is a raven like a writing desk?

Quote by: The Mad Hatter, from Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland

I saw Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland the other day,
Wednesday, to be completely exact.
It was altered, but none-the-less, great.
As are most of Tim Burton's films.

I am not having a good day.
It's only 5am, and already I've cried twice.
He doesn't know it, but he's breaking my heart.
As much as I'd like to scream it, It would hurt him to know this.
It would hurt him to know that I even shed a single tear.
I wish he would understand my reasoning for things.
I wish he would understand that I hate telling him know,
but saying yes would go against my better judgment.

I fear the end is near for us.
The love, which has had such a short lived life,
is starting to fade away, wilt like a neglected flower.

I hope to talk to my good friend later on today,
she usually helps bring my spirits up,
in her own odd little way.

I'm off.
Good night.

Peace xoxo


Quote By: Sean O'Casey

Does it make me creepy to enjoy listening to him sleep?
There’s something soothing about hearing the intake of each breathe.
There’s something so uplifting about hearing this.
It makes me treasure each breathe he takes every day.
I never thought something so simple could bring me such peace.

Things like this help me realize more each day the feelings I am developing for this boy.
He's become so absolutely vitale to my happiness.
I'm not sure what life would be like without him.
I fear these feelings.

Feelings of this type leave me so vulnerable to damage.
Leave me so easily destroyed and broken, when the feelings are given out to those undeserving.

I Love Him.

Peace xoxo

Quote by: Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Last night, the man I love told me he loved me. I hesitated, due to shock, but replied back with the truth.
He is a very important part of my life as of lately. The days we don't speak, are days incomplete.
I started playing a game I used to play but stopped, mostly because of the insane increase in school work and lack of internet.
He even tried to play, but his graphics card won't support it. It meant a lot to me that he tried.
Time has been moving swiftly by me lately, or more accurately, Time has been moving me swiftly by.
I don't feel older, but I do feel the change. In May, I attend my first Prom & graduate from High School.
This summer, I visit my best friend of nearly 6 years, after so many of those years of playing to visit her.
I have to get a job, by a car, get a place after returning from visiting her. August, I start college.
My Life is finally beginning, after so many years of waiting. The thing is, I'm not sure I'm as anxious for it, as I once was.
I have the greatest friend I could possibly hope for, my family is sticking by me [with a few minor exceptions], I'm in love with an amazing boy who treats me beyond any past interests. This boy makes me doubt previously conceived decisions on marriage and starting a family.
He has helped my heart heal from a horrible mistake I made in getting involved with someone who was completely wrong for me, something all my friends told me and I always refused to listen. Of course, the heart break was my fault, and mine alone.

It makes me fear to move on, when right now is so happy.
I honestly feel happy, and this feeling has been absent for a while.
He makes me want to be with him forever,
He makes me feel beautiful and wanted and loved.
My best friends make me laugh and understand my forgetfulness.
They bring out the better in me and motivate me when I lack the ability to motivate myself.
My family is proud of who I am and rewards me with their love.

Today has been a good day, the perfect was to begin my last Spring Break as a high school student.

Peace xoxo

Quote by: Groucho Marx (1890 - 1977), In the film A Day at the Races

I've been eighteen for nearly an entire month. As I expected, it isn't much different.
This is my first post on LJ, so maybe I should enlighten anyone who happens upon this blog about who I am.
I'm your average small town girl aspiring to live and work in the Big City, and not just any Big City I might add.
I am aspiring to live and work in The Big City, New York.
I plan to attend NYU: Steinhardt the following Fall after my graduation from my local community college, MGCCC.
I will be taking NYU's Art Therapy Program.

I am:
an artist
book worm
music lover
manga fan
anime junkie
hopeless romantic

My life is a creaky, wooden rollercoaster in misrepair.
There are times where I feel it will all just fall apart and crash to the ground in a heap of destruction.
The people I love keep this from happening.
I am lucky to have them.

At times I will put in poems,
others I'll insert pictures.
I may put in excerpts from the stories I write.
I may put in recounts of my day.

Peace xoxo